Gentle Touch® Parent-Child Program

PROGRAM The Gentle Touch® Parent-Child Program is a health promotion, experiential parenting program, a child abuse prevention, and a high-risk intervention for pregnant parents and caregivers with their infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.  It incorporates the unique Gentle Touch® "Touch/Massage Continuum", relaxation for child and adult, prenatal and infant communication and nurturing techniques, support, parenting and child development information, and celebration.

TRAINING / CONSULTATION On-site or distance learning programs are tailored to the participants, vary in length, and focus on the Gentle Touch® Parent-Child Program, pregnancy, prenatal and infant mental health, sensory integration, home visiting, developmentally supportive practices in primary pediatric care, child abuse prevention, or family-centered practices.  Consultation is available for maternity and pediatric providers and residential programs that would like to integrate family-centered principles and practices to a greater degree.

Watch for the next Art of Gentle Touch® "open" training!

VIDEO  Medically endorsed, the Gentle Touch® Infant Massage Video shows parents demonstrating several progressive routines.  Medical, therapeutic, and developmental specialists explain the benefits of this unique approach.  The focus is on communicating with, nurturing, and soothing the baby.  Parents can contribute to the healthy physical and emotional development of their child, provide more nurturing parenting, and strengthen their parent-child relationship.  Special issues of parents and babies are covered.  Beautifully filmed; 47-minutes; © Gentle Touch Parent-Child Program, LLC.  See descriptive and ordering information.

OIL & GIFTS Wonderful gifts for parents and resources for professionals: Gentle Touch® Massage & Body Oil for infants, toddlers, older children, and adults; Gentle Touch® Giftset including video and oil; Gentle Touch® Gift Certificates.  Wholesale inquiries are welcome.

ARTICLES Articles on pregnancy, parenting, infant massage, family-centered care, and the Gentle Touch® Parent-Child Program are available.

QUOTES Quotes from caregivers and professionals about the Gentle Touch® Parent-Child Program parent-child facilitation and training, and the Gentle Touch® Infant Massage Video.  Site and product reviews are included.

BOOKSTORE Printed resources are listed for your information.  Purchase from Barnes & Noble is available as a convenience.  Topics include: Infant Massage / Touch / Parenting & Child Development / Activities, Games & Learning / Family-Centered Care / Sensory Integration / Infant & Child Mental Health / Prenatal Psychology, Pregnancy & Birth / Prenatal Yoga / Complementary Women's & Children's Health / Massage, Reflexology & Aromatherapy / Therapeutic Touch & Healing / Personal Healing / Children's Books

CALENDAR List of upcoming Gentle Touch® events for parents and professionals.

LINKS Link to resources for parents and professionals.

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